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Southern Angel Properties
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Ken & Deb, please accept this gift as a token of our appreciation. We have thoroughly enjoyed ... (read more)

I think I told you and Ken when I left that renting from you was a great experience ... (read more)

Thank you for being a great landlord and for providing a stable and positive housing environment for me the last two years. ... (read more)

I appreciate all of the resources you've provided. My stay was great and everything I expected. You made everything very simple, and I wouldn't recommend anyone else.

Renting from Southern Angel Properties was fantastic for me as a college student. I started with a one bedroom apartment and quickly realized that it was a little too much to shoulder with my ... (read more)

Thank you and Deb so much! You both have been nothing short of amazing. I have not needed to even contact you really, haha. I appreciate your kindness and well wishes greatly. ... (read more)

Thank you so much for being a Great landlord all who live in you buildings should feel privileged. May God always watch you and yours... (read more)

Let me start by saying (we) were Blessed that summer day we met you. We appreciate all that you have done for us. We have found you to be an outstanding landlord and very honest, caring and people of great character. (read more)

My stay has been awesome and what I expected! You and Deb are truly great people, and will be missed. I couldn't ask for better landlords. Thank you for everything you have done for us... (read more)

Thank you for all you do for (us). We thank you again for making (this place) such a wonderful home for us. LS (Financing professional)

I have rented many different apartments, and this was by far the best experience. If you want stress-free living with responsive people committed to creating a great place to live then look no further... (read more)

Personally, I have rented a few times in the past few years and will tell you how much I have appreciated yours and Deb's professionalism and kindness... (read more)

Move-out Process

Keep in mind, we have many apartments, so if you're looking for a change, check with us first. We often have unadvertised vacancies. If you DO need to move, please read the following instructions
  • Give us 30 days notice by emailing Ken or Deb. The notice should include your exact move-out date. Once you do so, we'll email you cleaning checklists and other important information.
    Note: The majority of people give notice on the first day of the month and move out on the last day of the month. However, you can move out any day you like as long as you give a full 30 day notice. For example, if you give us notice on October 10th, you would be responsible for rent up to and including November 9th. Even though you are responsible for paying rent for the full 30 days, you can still move earlier. For example, you find a new apartment on October 10th and give notice. But your new apartment is ready on November 1st. You can move in on November first, but would still be responsible for rent up to the 10th. Some people prefer this anyway because it allows them to move out over the course of a few days instead of rushing.
  • Keep your apartment neat: We MAY BE showing your apartment to prospective tenants during your notice period, so it's important to keep your place reasonably neat and clean. We will give 24 hour's notice.
  • Your security deposit will be refunded, less any charges if applicable, within approximately two weeks after move out unless you have pets, in which case it will be a full thirty days.
  • Alert us right away of anything that needs "fixing" that you may have forgotten to mention before, so we can get those items scheduled in.