Apartments For Rent in Waterville Maine

apartments for rent waterville maine
Here is one our more prolific "Before and Afters." The "before" is how the apartment looked when we bought the building. Because of some serious grime and nicotine buildup, as well as drafty windows and flooring soiled beyond repair, we decided to go "whole hog." All this work was done nearly single handedly by our miracle worker, Chris, with some support from his side-kick, Clean Lee. If this were the Enterprise, Chris would be Mr. Scott. As I sat in at the comm during most of the "mission," I'd conclude that I am Captain Kirk! Although Chris did NOT sport a Scottish accent, he was heard to mutter "beam me outta here" on his way out the door!
Bathroom. I didn't take too many here, but you can see some contrast!
Small room...big contrast!
Master bedroom
Kitchen - Tile Counter
More Kitchen...
Entrance Hall
Living Room
See through bookshelf (LR to K)