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Welcome Home! (Almost!)

Thanks for inquiring about our rental unit. Our goal is to provide you with a great place to live, for as long a time as possible. Our careful screening means a safer, quieter, place to live for you.

We've tried to make our process as efficient as possible, designed to get qualified prospects situated in their new home quickly, and with as little work as possible.
  1. A pre-qualification process over the phone. We ask a series of questions to learn more about you, mainly to see if you are qualified for the unit you're inquiring about. (see qualification standards below)
  2. If you pre-qualify then, we may ask you to complete an online application (if you haven't already), and we set up a showing. We may ask you to drive by the apartment or house if you haven't seen it, to be sure you find the area suitable. We don't want to put time into the process only to find out that the building is too far from where you work, or other reason that can be quickly eliminated by a drive-by.
  3. It is VITAl that you fill out the application truthfully. For example, if an applicant had had a bankruptcy in the past ten years, but answered "no", we would automatically disqualify that applicant. Yet we would NOT necessarily disqualify the same applicant for the bankruptcy itself, had they answered honestly. So be certain you answer correctly. Some of the choices are simple "yes/no" but if an applicant even accidientally answers "no" when they meant to put "yes" we will have to assume they lied.
  4. After the showing, if you decide you want the apartment then a non-refundable holding deposit is required equal to one month's rent.
  5. We screen your application to verify that you qualify. If everything checks out, then we call back to setup a lease signing and move in date!
  • You must make at least 3 times the rent per month.
    • Example: To qualify for a $600/MO apartment you would need to gross at least $1,800 per month.
    • If you don't quite qualify financially, you may be able to qualify by paying a higher security deposit equal to TWO month's rent, and or having a co-signer who would qualify financially.
  • Have full move-in funds: We do not "work with" anyone on move-in funds. Our belief is that if someone cannot come up with the equivalent of first month's rent and security deposit (and pet fees if applicable), they're not ready to live on their own. We are seeking only financially self-sufficient, clean, conscientious adults with good character to do business with.
  • Have had no evictions (FED) within 5 years. (This means full court eviction, not just being asked to leave)
  • Have had no felonies within 5 years (Class A,B,C)
  • Have had no more than 2 misdemeanors in 5 years (Class D,E)
  • Have had no record of drug activity within past 5 years
  • In addition, we reserve the right to deny anyone residency, at our sole discretion, as allowed by state and federal law, if we feel that a prospect's presence in our building might dissuade otherwise good prospects from renting from us or diminish the experience of existing or prospective tenants. This may include but not be limited to past crimes, regardless of nature or when committed.
More Questions? Please see our FAQ page, email us at leasing@sangelproperties or call the leasing office at (207) 314-4029

Thank you very much for considering us. We're quality-focused, and want our buildings to become comfortable homes in which to live and raise families.