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apartment rentals in the Greater Waterville Maine are
As this continues to unfold we will keep you abreast of any new information that may help you in making wise financial decisions. Below are some links to relief already being made available.
COVID-19 Rental Relief Program (4-17-2020)
Here is the Maine CDC website, keeping track of cases in Maine, by county. Also links to most important news announcements are at the bottom.
How to file for unemployment in Maine if your job has been affected by Corona virus
COVID-19 Financial options: State Level : immediate unemployment, loans for anyone laid off (without regard for credit worthiness), extensions on licenses and registrations, such as for motor vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, etc.
Links to actual legislature:

LD 2167 State of Maine Relief Resolve
Part I establishes the Loan Guarantee Program. The program, administered by the Finance Authority of Maine, provides easier access to no-interest loans for residents of this State, including self-employed residents, who experience a reduction in income due to the state of emergency arising from COVID-19. The program guarantees up to 10% of the loans eligible credit unions and financial institutions make to affected employees. Under the program, affected employees are eligible for up to 3 loans, each equal to their monthly after-tax pay, up to $5,000, less unemployment benefits. Repayment is due starting 90 days after the end of the state of emergency and during the subsequent 6 months; during that period, interest may not be charged or accrue on the loan. Following the end of the 270 days, a credit union or financial institution that made a loan under the program, after a good faith effort to collect the principal amount of the loan, may apply to the authority for repayment of the uncollected amount of the loan in default. The authority is required to make reasonable efforts to recoup the amount of any payments made to credit unions and financial institutions from the employee who defaulted on the loan. The authority may not make any loans after December 31, 2020 and the program ends once all obligations for payment, repayment or discharge of the loans are satisfied. The bill gives the Joint Standing Committee on Appropriations and Financial Affairs authority to report out legislation to address any funding needs of the program.

HR 6201 FEDERAL RELIEF RESOLUTION - Federal: $1,000/each taxpayer, paid sick leave, medical cost assistance, scaled by regulations, and home delivered meals for all students and high risk populations
Temporary Policy Changes and precautions due to Corona (COVID-10) pandemic
These changes are to minimize the risk of spreading this flu, and keep both you and our team safe and healthy.

We will postpone all but essential repairs and interior maintenance items at least through the end of March and then will re-assess at that time. Please continue to report maintenance issues like always, but be prepared that these items will be postponed until the first of April, unless they are urgent, such as leaks or electrical issues, lack of heat, etc. And I think it goes without saying, if anyone in your household is ill, make sure Chris knows this so he can take precautions.

When making appointments for any maintenance visits, please be prepared to leave the premises or be in another room during the visit. This is only to minimize the number of people he (and you) come in contact with during this time.

Please use the laundry room at your own risk. Normal cleaning will take place, but laundry rooms and other common areas bear more traffic, and there may be a higher risk of spreading flu in areas with higher traffic.

More Questions? Please see our FAQ page, email us at leasing@sangelproperties or call the leasing office at (207) 314-4029

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Maintenance (Chris Harper)
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member, mid maine chamber of commerce
member, mid maine chamber of commerce
member, mid maine chamber of commerce
member, mid maine chamber of commerce