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Snow Removal Contractor(s) Needed

apartment rentals in the Greater Waterville Maine are
Southern Angel Properties is seeking one or more top-notch snow removal contractors for four properties in Waterville. We’d ideally like to have 1-2 contractors who both plow AND shovel, so that everything gets done at once, but we’re open to people who just plow as well. We’ll need occasional sanding and or salting as well, if interested.

First things first: Many contractors HATE apartment buildings and as a 25 year veteran snow plow / landscape contractor, I can understand why. I would like to say that our tenants are a wonderful group of people. Most are retired, professors and (for the most part) class acts. Yes, there are cars that will be in the way, and sometimes it’s a challenge to get people coordinated, but these may be among the easiest apartment buildings in the city to do. We suggest creating “groups” in your contacts for each building so that you can quickly text all the tenants in any building “on the run”. This is what I do an it works brilliantly. One text or email goes straight to 5-10 people at once!

Ideal candidate(s) must be able to deliver excellent, punctual snow removal regardless of conditions. Candidate must be willing to communicate with residents & management professionally and civilly, and solve issues proactively. Please don’t apply if you’re prone to breakdowns and personnel problems or aren’t willing to send some text messages to residents.

Ideal candidates will be fully insured and experienced & have field tested backup plans in the event of breakdowns or other difficulties. Don’t hesitate to express interest even if you are not able to provide shoveling. We are willing to have multiple contractors, but being able to shovel as buildings are plowed has distinct efficiency advantages.

Email: if you're interested. (No phone calls please as I’m hard of hearing)

PLEASE include the following information: *Note: We would like to stick to contractors who live and work in the immediate area. Snow removal often necesitates "last minute" come-backs, and we've had challenges making that work with contractors who live out-of-town.

Properties are 17 Boutelle Ave, 169 Silver St., 28 & 60 Pleasant St. All buildings are in Waterville, within 2 miles of each other (28 & 60 Pleasant St. are 1/4 mile apart).

Document with specific "per building" instruction