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ACH Authorization & Holding Deposit Agreement Form

  1. Complete the FIRST section, "HOLDING DEPOSIT AGREEMENT" including the agreement and signature fields. PLEASE NOTE: You must fill this form out, including "amount submitted" whether you've paid holding deposit in cash or bank check already, or are authorizing us to take it from your account via ACH withdrawal. You do NOT need to complete the holding deposit agreement if you've already complete a paper version, AND given a deposit at a showing.

  2. Complete the SECOND section "ACH FORM (aka: Debit Authorization)" where indicated. There is a place for monthly rent as well as one-time security or other payments. If you've already paid any of the listed charges, or are planning to pay them at lease signing by cash or certified funds only (for example, "holding deposit", or "security deposit"), you don't have to input those amounts. In other words, ONLY input the amounts that you want us to withdraw directly from your account)


Full Name:  
Email address:  
Phone Number:  
Rental Unit Address:  
Amount Submitted:  

The undersigned applicant has hereby given a NON-REFUNDABLE holding deposit in the amount of one month's rent. This deposit will reserve the rental unit listed above for 7 days from payment of holding deposit. Please be assurred that ONLY an amount equal to one month's rent is "at risk" as a holding deposit. So if you pay your security deposit as well, then you back out, you will only lose an amount equal to one month's rent. Any additional amount you've paid will be refunded as soon as possible (same day if we are able).

The Applicant understands and agrees that this non-refundable holding deposit will later be used (applied to) first month's rent.

If the Applicant fails to pay the balance of all move-funds, if any, (security deposit, pet fees, etc.) by the date above, the Lessor (landlord) will no longer be obligated to reserve this unit for the Applicant and will have no obligation to rent ANY unit to the Applicant, and the Applicant will forfeit all of the holding deposit.(not to exceed the equivalent of one month's rent) In addition, if the Applicant is approved by the landlord, but changes his/her mind about renting, the Applicant will forfeit all of the holding deposit.

Applicant understands that this agreement is not binding on Southern Angel Properties until Southern Angel Properties has replied to this submission via email, and confirmed that all requirements have been met. Please save that reply as final proof of completion.

IMPORTANT: Any false or misleading information provided by the Applicant will result in forfeiture of the ENTIRE HOLDING DEPOSIT without question or exception, EVEN IF it is discovered AFTER the applicant is accepted.

Applicant shall be entitled to a full refund of the holding deposit within 5 days if:
  • The landlord does not approve the Applicant 's rental application, or
  • The unit becomes unavailable.
Typing your full name in the box below consitutes your legally binding signature:

I, have read and understand Southern Angel Properties LLC holding deposit agreement, located on this page,, and and I agree to it fully.

ACH Form (aka: Debit Authorization)

*You can skip filling out the PERSONAL INFORMATION & UNIT ADDRESS a second time if you've already filled those fields out in the holding deposit section above.
Full Name:  
Email address:  
Phone Number:  
Rental Unit Address:  

Bank Name  
Bank Address, City and Zip  
Bank Routing Number:  
Bank Account Number:  
Type of Account:  

Note: If you use your savings account instead of a checking account, keep in mind that Federal law prohibits more than 6 electronic transactions per month from a savings account. Also, be certain to choose the correct account type. If you choose "savings" and your account is actually a "checking", the payment will fail, and you will be charged a $7 fee for failed transaction.

sample check to show routing and account numbers for southern angel properties ACH debit authorization form
Use the fields below to authorize the payment of your holding deposit (if not already paid in cash), security deposit, ongoing rent & other one-time or ongoing payments where indicated. You can specify a date, but that date must be at least 7 (seven) business days prior to lease signing. If lease signing is within 7 business days, you should pay cash or certified funds before or at lease signing. If you leave the "date" field blank, we will simply withdraw the funds per our judgment or your separate instructions, if any. If you have any doubts or questions, contact us.
Holding Deposit Amount:  
Holding Deposit Date:  

Rental Unit Address:  
Ongoing Monthly Rent Amount:  

Security Deposit Amount:  
Security Deposit Date:  

Other One-time Payment Amount:  
Other One-time Payment Date:  
Other One-time Payment Description:  
(Example: pet fee)
Other Notes or Instructions:  

This authority is to remain in full force and effect until Southern Angel Properties has received written notification from me (or any one of us) of its termination in such time and manner as to afford Southern Angel Properties and Kennebec Savings Bank a reasonable opportunity to act on it.

Typing your full name in the box consitutes your legally binding signature:

I, have read and understood both the Southern Angel Properties LLC ACH/Debit agreement, located on this page, as well as the Holding Deposit Agreement, located on this page, & I agree to it/them fully.

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