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General Contact Info / Instructions for Emergencies

apartment rentals in the Greater Waterville Maine are
Please do not respond after hours if overtime will be billed UNLESS it is advisable. (Loss of heat, or no hot water for morning showers, etc.) Use your judgment but we wish to avoid unnecessary overtime so that we can afford to use your services for better uses, and we rely on your good judgment to do so.

Do not call Ken or Deb for any maintenance related issues, as we do not involve ourselves in maintenance. Also, do not call Ken or Deb outside of regular business hours (M-F 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.). Instead, send an email which we will answer during regular business hours.


Chris Harper 242-8160 or email He is our maintenance person and will contact us if he deems it necessary.


Houle's office has every bit of information you might need if not listed here (codes, policies, etc.)

Thermostat replacement: Please use our Braeburns. I have left 1-2 in a box clearly placed near each furnace.

Zone Valves And Heating System Notes

17 Boutelle Master Key for all apts in front entry. Houle’s, Chris (242-8160) or Ken (873-9321) has code (Ken cannot be reached after hours, phone is turned off) 

169 Silver St

Entry codes and methods

Every apartment has its own lockbox but each building should have its own master key in locations shown below. Houle's Office, Chris or Ken have all needed codes.

17 Boutelle ave:
Basement bulkhead lockbox *** (key to padlock)
Master key lockbox: front door inside jamb

28 Pleasant St
Common area only - lockbox on rear porch
Apts: Lockbox near each apartment. (2R’s lockbox is on wall on landing going up to 3rd floor)

60 Pleasant St.
Lockboxes on all sets of steps on left side (parking lot side) of building, but there is an extra set on apt. 1 steps that’s a master.

169 Silver St basement
Lockbox bolted to post near basement door. There is a master with same combo on the upright porch post near steps for apartment #3 (you can see it from the basement post)
Laundry room has digital entry: 1943 (try 1942 if doesn’t work). If battery dead, lockbox on laundry steps with same combo.




Contact Information

Rentals & Leasing (Deb LaVoie)
(207) 314-4029
Office Mgr. (Ken LaVoie)
(207) 873-9321
Maintenance (Chris Harper)
(207) 242-8160

member, mid maine chamber of commerce
member, mid maine chamber of commerce
member, mid maine chamber of commerce
member, mid maine chamber of commerce