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Frequently Asked Questions

apartment rentals in the Greater Waterville Maine are
Q: How do you collect rent?

A: We have only two ways we collect rent. Via walk-in at Kennbec Savings Bank, and direct debit via ACH from your savings or checking accounts. We are able to accept cash, checks or any other payment methods except for move-in funds. Please visit this page for more information on both methods.

Q: Why do you ask people to fill out an application before they've decided whether or not they want the apartment they're looking at?

A: We use our application as a "pre-screening tool" to save time for both of us. When you fill out our secure application, we are able to start a thorough vetting much more efficiently than if we keep you on the phone gathering information that you'll have to put on the application at some point anyway. It saves us both time, and allows us to do our job a little better, that's all.

Q: I have a couple of questions that aren't answered on your website. Can I speak with someone before filling out the application?

A: You can email any questions directly to but please make it clear that it's a question you weren't able to find an answer to on our website so that we can add it.

Q: I don't quite have enough to pay first month's rent PLUS security deposit, do you ever allow payment plans?

A: No: Not under any circumstances

Q: What do you mean by "3x the rental amount per month?"

A: Example: If the home you're interested in costs $800 per month to rent, your total income must be at least $2,400 per month. Total income includes gross W2 wages and any other verifiable source of income such as child support, assistance, social security, business income, etc. (Note: If you are getting assistance, such as section 8, income standards are different. Please contact us for more information)

Q: Why do you require that a person makes three times the amount of rent per month? Why isn't double or 2.5x enough? Where did this number come from?

A: This metric originated with the banking industry. After a century or so of experience, they came up with the notion that housing expenses should be no more than 33% of a family's total income in order to provide a safe cushion. We agree with this metric. If you rent a $600 apartment and you make much less than $1,800, there's not alot of room for anything extra. Things happen. There are holidays, car repairs, unexpected illnesses, loss of jobs, etc. Additionally, we don't want to be guilty of encouraging someone do something unwise or financially self-destructive.

Note: We use this rule only as a guideline. If we feel that you're a good prospect otherwise, and you make just under three times the rent, for example, we might approve you with some additional stipulations, which may include larger security deposits or having a cosigner.

Q: I'm thinking of getting a roommate or my significant other wants to move in. What's next?

A: Simply alert us of the situation, then have them fill out an application like you did here. We generally approve these requests unless there is something about the new tenant that violates our resident rules, such as certain felonies, evictions, etc. However, do NOT have them move in until we give the approval. Having someone move in without written approval is a clear violation of your lease agreement and could result your lease and residency being terminated.

Q: What should I do if I realize I can't pay my rent on time this month?

A: The very first thing you should do is contact us BEFORE your rent is late. We will ask you for an expected date of payment and ask you stick to that date. We will still move forward with serving a TOL (Termination of Lease) notice on the 2nd, but we'll allow you up to 7 days to get rent paid before the next step in the eviction process.

Q: Do you accept pets?

A: We accept cats and dogs only, on a case-by-case basis. We do not accept any other sort of animal (i.e. no rabbits, ferrets, snakes, etc.). We do charge an upfront fee and we add a small amount of exra rent each month, and we reserve the right to accept or reject for any reason. As of 2-2-2020 these fees are $400 entrance fee & $40 extra per month, PER PET, with a two-pet maximum. These are not deposits and are not used to offset damage done by pets. They are simply fees to compensate us for taking the risk of allowing an animal to live in our property, and that risk is substantial and time-tested. Pets have the potential of doing alot of damage quickly. EVERY pet we've allowed has left behind noticeable odors and hair, regardless of how well the outgoing resident cleaned and deodorized. We do realize that there are a lot of responsible, diligent, clean people out there that also have pets, so we've compromised by allowing them, on a case-by-case basis, but charging extra for the privilege. Approximately 85% of Waterville - Winslow landlords do not allow pets at all, so in that light, we think our fees are a reasonable trade-off.

See our documents page for a full sample pet agreement and policy form

Q: Can I setup my rent due date different than the first?

A: Only if the majority of your income comes from social security benefits. (Because these benefits generally get paid on or about the third of the month)

Q: I have a service animal or a "therapy pet". Do I still have to pay pet fees?

A: No. IF you have a registered service animal or therapy pet. Keep in mind, there is a difference between a true Service Animal such as a seeing eye dog, etc. and others such as Therapy Pets. If you have a therapy pet, we need to see legitimate documentation regarding its suitability. Please be sure it is genuine, and comes from your own doctor or other qualified health care professional, as it is now a misdemeanor to misrepresent a service animal (see link below). Additionally, we can prohibit your animal, regardless of classification, if it proves a danger or nuisance to other residents or our staff, or causes damage.

Q: I need to move out, what do I need to do?

A: We have an entire page set up to guide you! Please visit this page for more information on the move out process, including giving proper notice.

If you have a "therapy pet" or "service animal" please read the updated law concerning penalties for misrepresenting documentation here.

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