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And finally, here are a handful of great reviews sent directly to us via letters or emails

Happy Holidays, I hope your family has a very Merry Christmas. Thank you (for the card) and for all that you do! I am beyond grateful for the opportunity you have given me to reside in such a wonderful apartment.

   - Best Wishes, K.G. Waterville
Thank you guys for everything!! We wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to rent from for our first apartment! We’ll always recommend you guys to any looking for a place to live!

   - C & C (first time renters, Waterville)
I was happy to refer you both to each other. After having rented from a few different folks, I can say that renting from you & Deb has been a great experience. I can honestly say the referral was not for the finders bonus, but really just because you're great landlords!

   - A.F., DOT Augusta
I was fortunate enough to have rented an apartment from Southern Angel Properties. The experience was very positive from the beginning when Deb showed me the property all the way through move out. It had been nearly 40 years since I had rented an apartment and I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but SAP made the process painless and enjoyable. The SAP website has all of the information that a renter would need and it is very user friendly. The apartment was spotless when I moved in and it is clear that Ken and Deb maintain the properties and look after their tenants. I would highly recommend SAP to anyone that is looking for a clean, well maintained rental.

   - D.B. Waterville
Thanks again for my stay! When I moved up to Maine, this was the first (and only!) apartment that I looked at. The apartment and the thoroughness of your process put my mind (and my parents' minds) at ease about moving 6 hours away. If I returned to Waterville, I would absolutely rent from SAP again.

   - K.M. Colby Employee
Ken & Deb, I'm truly grateful that both of you decided to take a chance on me & give me a shot at independent living, and after many years finally having a place of my own that I can be happy about. Living here has been one of the most positive experiences of my life. It's obvious you truly care about people and are without question the best landlords I've ever had, hands down. Again....thank you so much

   - B.H. Winslow
We would like to say that we have been honored to have you and Deb as our landlords the past few years and truly appreciate everything you both do for your tenants. We have had nothing but a good experience with your group and would highly recommend you to others. Everyone from plumbing and heating to contractors rebuilding, fellow tenants and maintenance have been wonderful and easy to work with.

   - I & S, Maine General, Alfond Youth Center
Ken & Deb, please accept this gift as a token of our appreciation. We have thoroughly enjoyed staying in the this apartment and we have made many fond memmories. We look forward to sending business your way continuously! We have so many great things to stay about you both. Take care and we'll miss you!

   - Sincerely, L & J (5 year residents, 17 Boutelle #5)
I think I told you and Ken when I left that renting from you was a great experience. I would really look forward to doing so again. I think buying from you would be even better! Please send my regards to Ken, and thank you once again Deb for responding so quickly to my email. I really want to commend the two of you for the way you go about your business. It is quite refreshing. Though it may not be in my best interest, good luck with the two places you offered.

   - BD, Colby
Thank you for being a great landlord and for providing a stable and positive housing environment for me the last two years.

   - EH, Journalist
This apartment was a great space to live! It was the perfect size for two people, and could even fit a third. We also had our dog and there was even plenty of space for him. We highly recommended this apartment to any young couples and even a group of friends. It is close enough to town that you don't have to travel far to the grocery store or gym, which was one of our favorite parts.

   - L.P., Medical Asst.
Renting from Southern Angel Properties was fantastic for me as a college student. I started with a one bedroom apartment and quickly realized that it was a little too much to shoulder with my limited income. But with Southern Angel Property's policy of allowing existing tenants "first choice" of any vacant units, I was able to find some roommates and move into one of their many spacious units. Overall they were a very understanding, prompt and friendly company to rent from. If you are looking for housing in the Waterville area I highly recommend them!

   - J.W. (17 Boutelle #2)
Thank you and Deb so much! You both have been nothing short of amazing. I have not needed to even contact you really, haha. I appreciate your kindness and well wishes greatly. May you both be blessed abundantly! I will keep you updated on my moving situation soon as I know more. Also, I will make sure to follow the checklist and guidelines accordingly. Thank again! Sincerely,

   - M.D.
I have been very happy throughout my stay here. The best part was that the driveway was getting cleaned up as it was snowing. They have kept this place in great shape and I have had no trouble. I want to thank Southern Angel Properties from the bottom of my heart, your business is so up to date and you are always ready to help your tenants. Thanks for having me.

From the happiest tenant ever :)

   - S.N., Maine Revenue Service
Let me start by saying (we) were Blessed that summer day we met you. We appreciate all that you have done for us. We have found you to be an outstanding landlord and very honest, caring and people of great character.

   - GY & EY, Waterville
My stay has been awesome and what I expected! You and Deb are truly great people, and will be missed. I couldn't ask for better landlords. Thank you for everything you have done for us, me and my son appreciate it! I wish you and Deb the best with wonderful memories!

   - MP, Winslow
Thanks for being so patient and for all the help, you guys are amazing. It's been great being tenants here, we can't recommend you guys enough.

   - NC (Self employed)
Over the years, I have rented many different apartments, and this was by far the best experience. If you want stress-free living with responsive people committed to creating a great place to live then look no further. The LaVoie's and their staff are friendly, caring, and flexible. They listen and then work with you to make sure your needs are met in the best way possible. One of the other tennants in my building even was allowed to grow pumpkins in the backyard, and it was great to see that the landlords allowed such a personal and unique expression. They really setup conditions for people to enjoy living together on their property. My family and I really enjoyed living there.

   - NL & EL (Physician)
Personally, I have rented a few times in the past few years and will tell you how much I have appreciated yours and Deb's professionalism and kindness. While you have always remained professional and maintained the business aspect of the apartment, you have been very pleasant to work with. I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

   - L.S.
I lived in one of Ken and Deb's properties for over a year and have nothing but pleasant things to say about my experience. Every question or concern I had was answered promptly and with an enthusiasm that assured me that any issues would be fixed as soon as possible; which they always were. Having an unreasonable landlord can really make a living situation difficult, but Ken and Deb have certainly shown me just how much a good tenant-landlord relationship can improve one's quality of living. I'm unfortunately leaving the area, but if anyone I know is looking for a place around the Waterville area - Southern Angel Properties is the first place I'll send them!

   - G.B.(Transportation Manager)
Southern Angel Properties has nice, clean apartments for a reasonable rate. They are responsive and take very good care of their properties and their clients. I would recommend their properties to my friends. Thanks for letting me stay! :)

   - NM, Waterville (Tax / software professional)
I am so very lucky to find my apartment in Main Street with the help of Deb and Ken. The apartment is quiet and yet so very conveniently located: close to downtown and the railway square is just next door to Railroad Square Cinema and interesting shops and restaurants. Being a single woman with a daughter I was very nervous when we first arrived in Waterville, but soon we found that we are under the care and good service of Deb and Ken and Chris, and the friendship of our good neighbors.

The apartment itself is very clean and well-kept; whenever anything goes wrong (which is very, very rare), the landlords always respond right away. The facilities are well maintained. It was a great experience all in all.

Thanks so much for the hospitality you showed whilel I was staying here. You and Deb were both great!

  - E.M. (Education professional)
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the good people that has extended their hands of friendship and so responsive to our needs. I intend to return to Waterville after visiting my in-laws and I will definitely stay with Southern Angels should they have any openings. I surely would recommend Southern Angels to anybody looking for accommodations.

  - H.S. Waterville (Colby parent)
I would just like to say that Ken and Deb are a great landlord and landlady team and I am sorry to have to leave. They really care about their tenants and will do anything to help you out as long as you're honest and take care of their property. I would recommend their services to anyone, and I wish them the best. Thank you Southern Angel Properties for everything!!

   - J.B. Winslow (Automotive body technician, 28 Halifax St. #8)
Ken and Deb of Southern Angel Properties should be commended for their business practices. Not only were the landlords very responsive to my needs as a tenant, but their maintenance technician as well. In my view this company adheres to the principle that all people should treat each other as they would have others treat them. I also respect the firms effort to be a contributing force in the effort to improve the town of Waterville. I unequivocally recommend renting from Southern Angel Properties.

  - O.S. - Waterville (Architectural student, artist)
Ken, I feel like I'm in good hands. Thank you as well for dealing with this in such a timely fashion. I really do appreciate it. Thanks again for the quick response, it is nice to know that I have such responsive landlords.

  - L.B. - Waterville (Colby Employee)
Thank you Ken for being an amazing landlord. I have only been a tenant for a short time, but already feel like I am in a good, safe home!

  - B.M. - Waterville (Child development specialist)
Best landlords I have EVER worked with! Having been moved out of the apartment for 6 months now, I'm STILL referring my closest friends to Southern Angel Properties! Beautiful apartments and EXTREMELY easy to work with landlords! If I could have taken the apartment to my new location out of state, I would have in a heartbeat!!!

  - H.C. - Waterville (Telecommunications employee)

Thank you for the time I had with you as a tenant. i told my new landlord about you, and how nice you are and also told him about your many new ideas for the apartments, and he likes your idea of on-line payment of rent you've added.

  - A.S. - Waterville (Colby Employee)
Ken and Deb have been conscientious and responsive landlords. They have been quick to address concerns, and they work hard to meet the needs of their tenants. It has been a pleasure to rent from them.

  - A.R. - Waterville (Political campaign manager)
Thank you for being involved, I've never had a landlord who was so concerned about the other tenants. It is very appreciated.

  - A.H. - Waterville (Social Worker)
We've been able to cut the heat back TWICE now because the weatherization improvements have made such a difference.

  - D.B. - Waterville
You're the best landlord we've ever dealt with

  - S.C. - Waterville
Thanks again for a great two years, you and Deb were fantastic landlords!   - L.B. - Waterville

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Office Mgr. (Ken LaVoie)
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Maintenance (Chris Harper)
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