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General Contact Info / Instructions for Emergencies

apartment rentals in the Greater Waterville Maine are
Do not call for emergency service "after hours" if it's not truly an emergency because you can be charged for the "after hours" (overtime) portion of the bill. Always call Chris Harper first for non-emergencies. (In general, our contractors will discern whether something is an emergency or not, so don't let this scare you, please just use good judgment).

Do not call Ken or Deb for any maintenance related issues, as we do not involve ourselves in maintenance. Also, do not call Ken or Deb outside of regular business hours (M-F 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.). Instead, send an email which they will answer during regular business hours.


Chris Harper (207) 242-8160 or email - (ALWAYS CALL CHRIS FIRST - Leave message, then text him to let him know you've called because he lives in an area with poor cell reception, so a follow up is always recommended)


  • Loss of heat: If the situation cannot wait, call Houle's at (207) 872-6762
  • Leaks: First determine whether it's a plumbing or roof leak. If it's coming from ceiling and there's an apt. above you, visit them or call them and try to figure out the source. If ceiling leak and no apt. above you, it's probably a roof leak vs plumbing and you should call our maintenance man. There is NOTHING that can be done for a roof leak while it's raining or snow on the roof except catch the water in a pan. Follow common sense with leaks to avoid damage, such as placing a pan under the leak, keeping the floor dry, etc.


  • Jason Pelotte: 649-2433 (FOR EMERGENCY ONLY)


  • Robin Cyr: (207) 474-8404 or Northern Appliance (207) 873-0364 (For coin operated laundry problems, call Chris)


  • Plowing: Scott Ackley 649-0774 (Remember: residents are responsible for shoveling, although we will often do on our next visit if it's not already done)


  • Circuit Breaker Trip / Loss of power: Each building has a different strategy, call Chris or see another resident for details . If you lose power to your refrigerator, and there's power elsewhere in your apartment, plug the fridge into a working power source (use extension cord if necessary). Depending on circumstances, we may be able to "coach you" over the phone into resetting the breaker.
  • Pest issues: Call Chris and he'll delegate as appropriately
  • Lockouts: Call Maintenance first, at 242-8160: There is a $60 MINIMUM to unlock door IF available. We suggest taking advantage of our lockboxes rentals for $20 ea. For the life of your residency, which includes installation and one extra key. (1/2 price of ONE lock out!) BOY Locksmith at 872-5862 may be available but he may require payment at time of service.
  • Other: See our useful links page for area / city information Kennebec Savings Bank Hours: Monday-Friday: Lobby: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. / Drive-up: 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

    If you are interested in renting an apartment in Waterville or Winslow from us, and you qualify, visit our rental application page here


    Contact Information

  • Rentals & Leasing (Deb LaVoie)
    (207) 314-4029
    Office Mgr. (Ken LaVoie)
    (207) 873-9321
    Maintenance (Chris Harper)
    (207) 242-8160

    member, mid maine chamber of commerce
    member, mid maine chamber of commerce
    member, mid maine chamber of commerce
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